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In Hell with Jesus е моят първи опит за мюзикъл. Драматургично в него е синтезиран опитът ми от 400те домашни концерти, които направих по време на пандемията в София, Истанбул, Ню Йорк и Лос Анжелис.

Музикален Кастинг, вечерно шоу, анти мюзикъл или поредният експеримент, в който моите интереси към религия, сексуалност, постмодернизъм, абсурд, популярна и съвременна култура се блъскат по един своеобразен и надявам се забавен начин.”
Иво Димчев

С участието на: Иво Димчев, Лора Недялкова, Мария Тепавичарова Теодор Койчинов, Йорданка Павлова, Робърт Илиев

Проектът е реализиран с финансовата подкрепа на Национален фонд „Култура” по програма “ПРОГРАМА ЗА ВЪЗСТАНОВЯВАНЕ И РАЗВИТИЕ НА ЧАСТНИ КУЛТУРНИ ОРГАНИЗАЦИИ”

Gay bar. Illegal birthday party during lockdown. Homophobic ex with a loaded gun. Six bodies. One slutty Jesus. A musical… sort of.
In extravagant sunglasses, Dimchev sings until dramatically killed by prerecorded gunshots. What follows is an acted-out, entertaining audition for several candidates in a forthcoming musical, still awaiting subsidy, its dramaturgy unset, and the promise of famous choreographer joining later.
Funny, absurd, vulgar at first, the questions and songs gradually reach into places of shared hurt. War, rape as a weapon, the body as a commodity, ‘Sex with Putin or Dalai Lama?’, homophobia, Covid emergency units, ‘Being in Hell with Jesus or in Heaven with Trump?’ are examples of the work’s ever-changing rhythm between the grave and the ridiculous.
The piece acts as a quasi substitute for the imagined musical and as a comment on contemporary performance, parodying its financing, contents, and genres.
Plamen Harmandjiev
Ivo Dimchev captivates “In Hell with Jesus” with the caricaturing of certain mechanisms of show business, but also with the openly displayed human inadequacy that must inevitably accompany it. What is usually glossed over and hidden, dusted with glitter and streamlined, is mercilessly exposed here. Nevertheless, the packaging is so humorous and intelligent that one cannot help but be thoroughly entertained. Dimchev never fails to convince in each of his shows. Admirable.
Michaela Preiner

Спектакълът не се препоръчва за лица под 18 години.
The performance is not recommended for people under 18 years of age.
Език: английски Билети: 25 лв., на място: 30 лв.



сеп. 25 2022


19:00 - 20:30
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